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Computer Technician Certified computer repair technician for General Computers Environment Maintenance - www.tutecno.com - Tel. 605624852 - Barcelona or More

GUARANTEE - 15 years of experience in the field of technologies   Serving there at your place (In Situ), Home or Companies

 • Able to Notice, Report or Guide you, but as option and part of the solution.
 • Is also offered Assembly, Maintenance, Update and Machines Expansions.
 • Expert in Computers, Machines, Monitors, TFT, Accessories, Faxes, Printers.
 • Set Up, Plug and Running, Perform.

  Integral Managements Environment Maintenance
 • ADSL connection-Internet-NETWORKS between Computers and Machines, Services.
 • Making of Web Sites (Web Pages) and Market Promotions, Domains Administration, Names On The Internet.
 • Phone Lines, Video Conference. All services for Companies or Homes (Individuals, Personal).

  Antivirus, Software, Precautions, Explanations
 • Checking and Disinfections of Viruses, Vermin, Parasites and Trojans, in Computers and more provided Services.
 • Backup, Data Recovery and Lost Files. All services for Companies or Homes (Individuals, Personal).
 • Computing Lessons and everything related to these technologies and its environment.

  Being at your service for your benefit for your Computer Environment
 • Resulting in Security, simplicity and ease, for Companies or Homes (Individuals, Personal).
 • Electrical Service installations workplace.
 • UPS System to protect against unexpected power cuts, giving time to Save your Files and protect your Work.
 • Personalized attention and feasibility of use, always bearing in mind your needs.